Considering Room Use-The physiological responses to color

November 30, 2016

Color choices are a personal preference, but have you considered the primary use of your room when choosing your color?

Do you use it for storage, everyday family time, as a bedroom?

Rooms you do not spend too much time in can be the rooms you choose to paint your favorite color, but what about the rooms you spend hours in each day?

Our perception of color was a gift from God to help us perceive danger, experience his blessings in nature, and live more freely on the earth- free from fear and free from harm. This is why people feel such great peace when hiking safely or camping, or otherwise spending time outdoors. This is a great gift, but with great wonders come equally great responsibility.

I would like to divert from paint for a moment and draw your attention to the use of colors in advertising. Marketing geniuses have spent great amounts of time studying colors because it is the colors and their use which allow us to feel what we are supposed to in order to WANT to buy what they have to offer! Have you ever wondered why red and yellow were so prominent in the food scene? The fact is, a red induces a physical, stressful, survival feeling, while yellow stimulates emotional responses, and if used in a higher ratio to red, negative feelings can arise, giving you a one-two punch which later has you asking, “Why did I need to eat that hamburger AND all those fries?” You aren’t even sure why you ate it, but you did.

Back to paint: the colors you choose in the places you spend the most time are going to have the most impact on both your physical and mental states; choosing well can actually help you reduce stress and  help you achieve your health goals.

One last thing to consider in your color choices are how you feel, physically, in a room. Colors can impact how warm or cool a room feels! If you are trying to save money on heating by keeping the thermostat turned down during the winter, but feel cold, a warmly colored room can help you feel warmer! Please note, the actual temperature may not change, and no one can promise you won’t freeze in a room painted in red. But, a red room can actually help you feel warmer when it is cooler based on your own physiological responses.


Overall, color is a natural experience. We all attribute our own histories and memories into the color choices we make, so ultimately it is up to you what to paint. But, if you are searching for the perfect color to match your intentions, give us a call or drop us a line,  so that we can help you.


For more information on this topic, visit your local library or visit here, here, here, here, here, here, or here. For my professional opinion of individual items, contact me here.

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