Traffic and use when considering paint finishes

November 30, 2016

Determining accurately the finish of paint you would like in a room is essential to its durability.

There are three basic finishes of paint: flat, satin, and glossy.

Flat paint is excellent in low traffic areas. It throws great color with minimal reflection, and hides imperfections fairly well. On the downside, it can be incredibly difficult to clean, and doesn’t hold up well in high humidity areas.

Semi-gloss is a great option for most rooms. It is durable and washable, but from an angle can be reflective and make flaws more pronounced.

Glossy paint is what we love. It is exceptional for children’s rooms, very hardy and washable, and reflective. Great care needs to be taken when using glossy paint to ensure the paint is evenly distributed, in order to avoid unsightly streaks. Done well, glossy paint can be absolutely stunning.

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