Outdoor Painting

Outdoor Painting

The Outdoor Process

December 14, 2016

To book the job, we require a 25% deposit and authorization to do the work on your home.

You will receive a call within one week to choose colors and determine the tentative start date. We plan jobs tentatively, and sometimes have to reschedule when the rain threatens to ruin the work we do.

No earlier than four weeks and no later than two, we will come out for a color consultation, providing test patches, paint samples, and color finishes and numbers for you to provide to your HOA (if needed.) If changes are necessary, we will make them here and reschedule your color consultation.

The week before the job is scheduled, we will stay in touch to make sure there are no weather delays, and reschedule if there are.

During the job, we will keep you informed of what time we are to start and complete work each day. We will talk to you about the daily progress of the job so that any issues that come up you will know about as soon as possible. For outdoor jobs, it is not necessary to be home, however, we do request your presence for a final walk around of the job.

At the end of the job, we’ll take you around the house to do any last touch ups before we ask for a final payment. We would also appreciate it if you would fill out a short survey letting us know how the process was for you. Your feedback is very valuable to us. We would also appreciate any referrals or a reference letter to express your satisfaction with the work we do and with our company.

Outdoor Painting

Our Promises

December 14, 2016


We promise to keep you informed of every step of the process. This includes scheduling, choosing materials, discrepancies, and even who will be there. This is your home, and we are guests here to serve you. You will have direct contact with the owner and the foreman doing your job at all times.


A written agreement will spell out what materials are being used, and no corners will be cut. Detailed estimates and quality workmanship are the foundation of our business: we won’t put our name on anything but the best.


We promise to keep the job site clean. Any mess WILL BE REMOVED before completion of the job and at the end of the day.


At the end of the job, we will do a final walk around to ensure your satisfaction before we collect payment. We won’t leave until you are happy with the work!

Outdoor Painting


December 14, 2016

While painting is very safe activity when performed competently and professionally, accidents can sometimes happen. This is why we carry liability insurance, worker’s compensation, and general business insurance.

If anyone is harmed at your home while painting your house, we will cover it. There is no need to worry about that, and we don’t want our paint job adding to the cost of your homeowner’s insurance! If anything, we want the fine maintenance of your home to reduce your liabilities.

If there is an accident where paint is spilled on your property, we do have insurance to cover that as well. To date, we have not made claims on our policy and hope to never have to, but in the event that it happens we can promise we won’t leave you with a destroyed home.